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Doom Doodles is a site where over 100 artists come to make weekly posts of their artwork.  This post in particular, called Doom Doodles by Gax, show interesting subject matter in sloppy-but-deliberate line work.  The sketchy lines and uneven proportions only add to the personality of the art pieces.


Action 52 Owns

Indie developer Podunkian, from “the underside” has started a new project in which he is gathering indie developers to come together in making a recreation of the legendary nes game “Action 52”. Action 52 was a game that cost 299 at its time of release because it contained 52 games. The game became legendary because all 52 games had horrible gameplay, graphics and music. Many of the games barely functioned. This new initiative is for indie developers to remake all the games in the same spirit but to make them into interesting and fun experiences recreating action 52 into a good game. You can check out progress on the tigsource forums.

Right now all the games are taken up but you may watch to see if one opens up to develop if you are interested in remaking one of the games. You can check up on that here.

Humble Indie Bundle

Wolfire Games has put together an incedible package of indie games. This deal is quite unique in its dealing with pricing. The package is a “pay what you think its worth” with a portion of the donations going to charity. The customer can also decide exactly where his or her money is going as there is no middle man and at purchasing time the customer can select exactly to whom their money will go. They can choose 100 percent to charity, split between developers, split between devs and charity , whatever you wish. The humble indie bundle is already quite successful. Wolfire’s idea behind this unusual business model is that if you treat the customers as people and with respect they are nice and respectful back.
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