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Game Over 3

Giant Robot Magazine put on its third gallery show in San Francisco,CA , this one entitled “Game Over 3”. The gallery presented artwork inspired by video games and video game culture. Check out the video of the event below.

You can also check out some of the work from last years Game Over 2 in their Art Blog and buy some artwork if you are interested.


Game Art

If you are interested in independent games and games as Art these two videos are a must watch.  Jason Rohrer , independent game developer( best known for his game passage ) talks with Chris Crawford, game design legend and Game Developers Conference founder, about the current path of video games, how video games can become something powerful enough to evoke emotion and  be a viable art form.

“French/German TV channel Arte interviews two game designers from different generations on their current projects and the state of the industry today.”

If you are interested here’s a video from 1992 of a lecture Chris Crawford gives.  His critique on video games at the time is unfortunately still very valid today.

” Chris Crawford in 1992, giving the last speech of his career as a “game designer” and his first as a researcher into “interactive storytelling”. ”

Something other than a game!

Although I’m not a fan of their music, OKgo’s new video for This Too Shall Pass incorporates the Rube Goldberg Machine in one continuous shot. Pretty impressive. My favorite is when they use a human body.

Bonus: At 2:31, you can see the cameraman’s reflection in the bowling ball!

Cream Wolf

Sounds sexual and bad, but it isn’t.

A game where you fatten kids up by feeding them ice cream, and then lure them back to your hideout to eat them as a wolfman.

That about sums it all up.